Homemade Coconut Ice-Cream

Coconut Ice-Cream

There has been a recent craze over anything coconut. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be?! Found throughout the tropic and subtropic area, the coconut is known for its great versatility as seen in the many uses of its different parts. What better dessert than to create a coconut version?! If you love anything tropical, reminding you of hawaiian islands and extravagant yet luscious palm trees, why not start making this nutritional yet delicious dessert?!

TOTAL FUN TIME: 15 Minutes

(not including refrigeration time)

Serves  2


  • 2 cans (125ml) organic coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup of agave syrup or honey


  1. Combine all ingredients together and whisk until a light and smooth consistency.
  2. Place in an ice-cream maker and let it work it’s magic.

Alternatively should you not have an ice-cream maker please follow the below steps: 

  1. Prepare your ice cream mixture, then chill it over an ice bath.
  2. Put a deep baking dish, or bowl made of plastic, stainless steel or something durable in the freezer, and pour your custard mixture into it.
  3. After forty-five minutes, open the door and check it.

As it starts to freeze near the edges, remove it from the freezer and stir it vigorously with a spatula or whisk. Really beat it up and break up any frozen sections. Return to freezer.

  1. Continue to check the mixture every 30 minutes, stirring vigorously as it’s freezing. If you have one, you can use a hand-held mixer for best results or hand-held mixer.
  2. But since we’re going low-tech here, you can also use just a spatula or a sturdy whisk along with some modest physical effort.
  3. Keep checking periodically and stirring while it freezes (by hand or with the electric mixer) until the ice cream is frozen. It will likely take 2-3 hours to be ready.

Finally scoop the ice-cream out into your favourite bowl, and sprinkle with cinnamon if you wish!

Coconut Ice-Cream Nutrition Fact

  • Very low in sodium
  • No cholesterol

Let us know what else you like to use coconuts for! We’d love to hear from you 🙂

Happy Clean Eating!

Spreading love & happiness, Soph xox

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