About SopHsu


I am the founder and creator of Clean Eating Desserts, obsessed food photographer and Certified Health Coach.

There is nothing worse then having a sweet tooth and being worried about putting on weight or impacting on your health negatively. I hope this site will provide you with inspiring recipes to enjoy healthy and tasty desserts without any guilt!

I have taken a wonderful journey into exploring and adopting new and healthy diets, change of lifestyle and renewed mentality. It has been such a rewarding and fulfilling experience for me thus and I cannot wait for what the future brings.

If you would like a coach to motivate, guide, support and inspire you to become a healthier you, whether it’s through improved relationships, loving what you do, enjoying physical exercise and rediscovering who you are, contact me today to embark on this  holistic healthy living journey with me to a healthier and more vibrant you!  My email details are below 🙂

I would love to hear from you, so please provide your feedback and comments as much as possible! Please don’t forget to follow me on this blog and stay tuned for more exciting ventures coming soon!

Spreading love and happiness,

Soph xox


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